Here’s my current bikepacking setup, filled with all the gear needed for an overnight weekend trip.
IMG_2947 I have made/sewed the following bags, the seat bag, top tube bag, frame bag and the down tube bag. Links are to time-lapse videos of me sewing the bags together. The handlebar “bag” is my sleeping bag bungee’d to my handlebars and secured with two velcro straps. Then finally is a small hydration pack from Walmart.

I also added two water mounts to my fork using steel hose clamps to hold these water bottle cages. These came about after carry most of my water on my back during my first overnight trip. The weight of water never gets lighter, either place it on your bike or carry a filter. I did run into the bottles popping out on rough terrain, so use a strap or rubber bands to secure them to the fork mounted bottle cages. The hose clamps worked like a charm and didn’t even budge.

Gear list and location on bike:

Seat bag – down jacket, shorts, shirt, underwear, swimtrunks, socks, toothbursh, headlamp, two towels, butt wipes, head barclaugh

Framebag – hammock straps, paracord, hammock, life straw, first aid, grill grate, bug bracelet, inflatable float, one bag of rice, my oakley camera case, two bags of oatmeal, and co2 pump & 1 Co2 cartridge.

Triangle seatbag: two fire starters, 3 packets of tuna, 3 cliff bars, bag of trail mix, 3 snickers, two mini bic lighters, two tea instant packets,

Down tube bag – only tripod.

Bookbag– gimbal carry case, tube, battery pack for light, light, chips, rice, spoon, bear mace, deet spray, chest mount, battery packs, wallet, bike frame pump*just in case. advil, sunscreen, caffeine.


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