Crank Brothers Candy 1 Pedals:

After 4,200 miles my Candy 1 Pedals failed. I purchased these pedals back in college, about 4 years ago for my first clipless pedal setup. Living in Dahlonega, GA for college, I used the pedals mainly for mountain biking until I built up the Trek 400 pictured above. Then from there I would transfer the pedals back and forth depending on what I wanted to ride that day; mountain or road.

It wasn’t until I moved to Atlanta for work that left them on my road bike full time. So after two years in Atlanta on my regular trip to Stone Mountain, the pedals failed on me. Luckily, I was sitting down at the time, just passing an intersection after waiting for the red light to turn green that my foot slipped off the pedal. For a split second I thought my chained slipped but when I looked down my Crank Brothers pedal was missing.

A couple of days before the right pedal developed a weird squeak that I couldn’t get rid of with Liquid Wrench. I thought it was weird and thought the springs were dry because I’ve heard them make some noise before.

I ended up pedaling 15 miles home, thank goodness I just started back up and didn’t find myself 30-40 miles from home. After working out my left leg, I got back home and assessed the damage. I found after cleaning the spindle and removing the plastic end cap that covers the nut and bearing on the outside edge that there were small loose ball bearings stuck to the cap.

After reviewing their pedal diagram, I discovered their cartridge ball bearing failed. It probably failed because water, dirt and grim got in there and slowly ate away at the cartridge.

Any who, I just purchased their Crank Brothers Egg Beater 2 from Performance Bikes. I do a review once I get them in and ride them for a couple of miles.


Never bike alone.