Is Wahoo’s new Kickr Climb – Indoor Gradient Simulator the future? Possibly. But for $599, it’s a tough pill to swallow for just a gradient simulator that doesn’t add anything to your indoor ride but just feel.  The Kickr Climb does complete your indoor cycling package for around $1,800 = Kickr Bike Trainer $1,200 + Kickr Climb $600. Not included is your bike, tv, desk/table, and portable fan.

If you are spending the majority of your time indoors (sorry if you are), then spending $599 can be justified. If you are already using Zwift , this will just add to your experience. To change topics for a split second. Zwift has changed the game. It has brought interactive gaming to a whole new level. I don’t  know if the amount of people and time spent on trainers would be as high, if Zwift or other smart trainers were not around.

Kickr Climb Specs (taken from their website):
– Max Incline: 20%
– Max Decline: -10%
– Compatible Trainers: New Wahoo KICKR (2017 Edition) and New KICKR SNAP (2017 Edition)
– Metrics: Current Grade
– Dimensions: 25.75″ H x 5.1″ W x 7″ L
– Supported Hubs: QR, 12×100, 15×100, 15×110
– Wireless Software Updates: Yes
– 3rd Party App Compatible: Yes, when paired to a KICKR or KICKR SNAP

Review Videos:
– DC Rainmaker –
– Shane Miller –


Do you think this is the future?