Giro Carbide Bike Shoes | Best All-Around Cycling Shoe

The Giro Carbide Bike Shoe is the “Best All-Around Cycling Shoe”. It can handle anything you throw at them. I have a little over 5,000 miles on my pair and they have handled; daily commuting, gravel, mud, water, snow, rain, hiking, walking and road rides.

When I purchased mine back in early 2013, I wanted a pair of shoes that I could do everything, and purchasing mountain bike shoes were the right choice. The Giro Carbide’s look great and are built to last. If these were ever to fail, I would immediately replace them with another pair.

Giro Carbide Bike Shoes are the best for the following:

  • Best for commuting
  • Best for mountain biking
  • Best for road rides
  • Best for coffee rides
  • Best for gravel rides
  • Best in durability
  • Best in functionality
  • Best in value
  • Best looking
  • Best Velcro Straps

Amazon Link: Giro Carbide $75 Giro Carbide $100



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