Below you will find my suggestions on the best road bike helmets near a $50 dollar price point. You will notice as the price drops, bike helmet manufacturers tend to make the helmets not as stream line as the pricier models. Thus, making you spend more to look good.  Sometimes you are able to purchase last year’s model for half the price. Below you will find a few 2016 models. None of the helmets below contain MIPS protection.

Bell Overdrive Road Helmet ($59):Bell Overdrive Road Helmet Best Bike Helmet Neverbikealone

The Bell Overdrive is probably the best helmet on this list just by looks. It has a nice streamlined look from the front and side.


Bell Array Bike Helmet ($45):

Bell Array Road Helmet Best Bike Helmet Neverbikealone

The Bell Array is at the top of the list because this style normally runs around $100. You might be able to find an older model for less than $50. The aggressive looks hangs in there with the $200 helmets. You won’t be disappointed if you choose a Bell Array.

Giro Foray Helmet ($58):

Giro Foray Road Helmet Best Bike Helmet Neverbikealone

The Giro Foray is your classic bucket style helmet. Functional with a hint of flare. People will buy this helmet because of the name, not for style points. I would  suggest spending a little more or checking out the other helmets on the list.

Mavic Espoir Racing Helmet ($59):Mavic Espoir Road Helmet Best Bike Helmet Neverbikealone

The Mavic Espoir is another classic looking helmet. Seems to weigh on the bulkier side. Just like the Giro Foray, the brand might sell a few. The style is more mountain bike than road.

Giro Sonnet Women’s Helmet ($39):Giro Sonnet Road Helmet Best Bike Helmet Neverbikealone

I added the Giro Sonnet helmet because it is an actually a good looking nugget protector. If it was all black, I might think about buying it even though it is a women’s helmet.

Bell Event Helmet ($29):

Bell Event Road Helmet Best Bike Helmet Neverbikealone

The Bell Event Helmet looks great from the side, but once you look into the mirror, the edgy look disappears for a bulky 1990’s walmart helmet. The vents are misplaced in the front which prevents adequate airflow from hitting your forehead. The Bell Event would great as a commuter or grocery store helmet.

Bell Sports Quest Helmet ($35):Bell Sports Quest Helmet Neverbikealone

While this is a one size fits all helmet, the overall look is quite comparable to the Bell Overdrive and Bell Event. The only downside besides the universal fit, is the large dial knob in the rear, which adjusts the fit system to hold your noggin in.



What helmet do you recommend?