StateFarm rewards bike commuter who use their Drive Safe & Save bluetooth beacon. 

I purchased a new used car last October (2016) because the cost and time of fixing was wearing on me. At the same time of purchasing my new car, I switched insurance and decided to go with StateFarm.  And, to lower my monthly insurance bill I selected into the Drive Safe & Save option.

How the Drive Safe & Save works:

StateFarm sends you a small little bluetooth beacon that you place in your glove box (place where you store all your insurance cards and napkins). Then you download the Drive Safe & Save app and voilà! The beacon and app will do the rest. Occasionally, you will need to login and submit your mileage. Your driving will be constantly graded on a few metrics , however, your Drive Safe & Save discount will only update at each policy renewal ( every 6 months).

When I started bike commuting about 80 days ago I knew I would save money by cancelling my monthly parking pass, less gasoline and delayed maintenance. I also knew I would earn $150 if I completed and logged 30 bike commuting trips through Georgia Commute Options, Sign up and earn $5 a Day. In the back of my mind I hoped my insurance would drop, but I was not counting on it.

Then came my policy renewal this October (2017). My total monthly insurance bill dropped by $30 a month! After looking into the low bill I discovered my Drive Safe & Save discount increased. If you don’t believe StateFarm will lower your bill, start bike commuting and you will see.

Summary of my savings:

Mnthly/(Yrly) Savings:
– $60 ($720) Monthly Parking Pass Savings
– $30 ($360) Insurance Savings
– $20 ($240) Monthly Gas Savings (on average)
– $10 ($120) Delayed Maintenance Savings            
$120 ($1,440) = Total saved bike bike commuting

– $150 GA Commute Options (paid out once after 30 bike commutes)


What would you do with your savings? Increase your retirement savings, buy a new bike or take your significant other out for a nice dinner?