How to mount water bottle cages to your mountain bike fork for bikepacking:

One rule of bikepacking, never ever carry water on your back. It did take one trip to convince me to place water bottle cages on my forks. Not only do the cages carry bottles, but you can strap anything to them. If you want to strap larger bags just cut the bottle cage down and use straps to secure your bags to the rails of the cage. They could function like these Blackburn Cargo Cages.

Cowboy Bikepacker
Bikepackers are the new cowboys.


Items needed:Hose Clamp for Bikepacking



  1. Cut four thin strips of craft foam or another material that will protect your forks from the metal hose clamp.Fork Mounted Water Bottle Cage
  2. Measure and mark where your bottle cages will sit. Then tape down the foam in the area of the mounting wings on the cages. Tape over the edge of the foam to create a seal and a cleaner look.
  3. Test the placement of the cages to make sure the tape and foam aligns with the mounting wings.
  4. Unscrew a hose clamp and then tighten down over the top wing. Make sure to place the hose clamp screw behind the fork to create a cleaner look from the front.
  5. Tighten a little past firm. Then do the same for the remaining three hose clamps.
  6. Once the cages have been mounted, trim the hose clamp if needed.
  7. Finally, enjoy the weight off your shoulders and ride on.

Below are pictures of my mounted cages:

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