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Bikepacking Gear

 Bikepacking Tips, Tricks and Everything Else:

I going to use this page to jot down ideas and thoughts I have while bikepacking and dreaming of bike camping. Stay tune for more things to come.


Gear list and location on bike:

Below you find the gear I typically bring for a 1-2 night bikepacking trip and the location of where I store it on my bike.

DIY Seatbag – down jacket, shorts, shirt, underwear, swimtrunks, socks, toothbursh, headlamp, two towels, butt wipes, head barclaugh

DIY Framebag – hammock straps, paracord, hammock, life straw, first aid, grill grate, bug bracelet, inflatable float, one bag of rice, my oakley camera case, two bags of oatmeal, and co2 pump & 1 Co2 cartridge.

DIY Triangle seatbag: two fire starters, 3 packets of tuna, 3 cliff bars, bag of trail mix, 3 snickers, two mini bic lighters, two tea instant packets,

DIY Downtube bag – only tripod.

Fork mounted bottle cages: this DIY mounts can hold water or gear.

Sleeping bag: Hangs on the handlebars.

Backpack – gimbal carry case, tube, battery pack for light, light, chips, rice, spoon, bear mace, deet spray, chest mount, battery packs, wallet, bike frame pump*just in case. advil, sunscreen, caffeine.

DIY Bikepacking Gear neverbikealone
All the bags are DIY except for the red backpack and the sleeping bag.


Below are clips of my first trip bikepacking solo in North Georgia: 



Are you thinking of bikepacking?


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